Universalist Society of Strafford
South Strafford, Vermont
A Member of the Unitarian Universalist Association


1st and 3rd Sundays
at 10 a.m.

Summer services in the historic church building in South Strafford

Winter services in
Barrett Hall


July 6:
Rev. Gregory Wilson
Voices from Spiritual Ecology

July 20:
Discussion led by Rev. Gregory Wilson
Building a Bridge to the Ecozoic Era

Contact Information

Katy Botsford
802 765 4594

Mail to:
P.O. Box 26
South Strafford, VT 05070







Our church celebrates freedom of belief and welcomes individuals and families of all backgounds and faiths. Unitarian Universalism does not advocate a particular creed. We come together because of our shared commitment to values and to ways of living, not to religious dogma. See “What Is UU?” for more about the long history and tradition of Unitarian Universalism.

The Strafford Universalist Society is the second oldest in Vermont and fourth oldest in the nation. Though the society was dormant for several years in the 1980s and 1990s, we are now growing again, meeting in the “new” church built in 1833 in South Strafford.We hope you will join us.

July 6 Sermon

Voices from Spiritual


by Rev. Gregory Wilson


July 20 Discussion

Building a Bridge to the

Ecozoic Era

Led by Rev. Gregory Wilson


From Rev. Wilson:

“Our future destiny rests even more decisively on our capacity for intimacy in our human-Earth relations.” (Thomas Berry, The Great Work)

One of the central principles of Earth Spirituality as taught by Thomas Berry and the community that is carrying on his work is urgency, “If such moments as dawn and dusk, birth and death, and the seasons of the year are such significant moments, how awesome, then, must be the present moment when we witness the dying of the Earth in its Cenozoic expression and the life renewal of the Earth in an emerging Ecozoic Era. Such reflection has a special urgency if we are ever to renew our sense of the sacred in any sphere of human activity. For we will recover our sense of wonder and our sense of the sacred only if we appreciate the universe beyond ourselves as a revelatory experience of that numinous presence whence all things come into being. Indeed, the universe is the primary sacred reality. We become sacred by our participation in this more sublime dimension of the world about us...”

“The present urgency is to begin thinking within the context of the whole planet, the integral Earth community with all its human and other-than-human components. When we discuss ethics we must understand it to mean the principles and values that govern that comprehensive community. The ecological community is not subordinate to the human community” (Thomas Berry, The Great Work). It is this sense of urgency I wish to speak to in relation to UU communities.

Click here to read more background on the July services  from Rev. Wilson.

To hear Rev. Wilson's May 4 sermon  on the nature of community, and the relationship between individual and community life click here

To hear his June 1 sermon "Considering the World As I Till, Spread Manure, and Plant the Garden" click here


June 29

Understanding, Healing &

Reconciling Relationships:

An Interactive Workshop

Presented by Rev. Dr. Gregory Wilson, a Fellow in the Association of Pastoral Counselors, with 25 years experience counseling individuals, couples and families, and Helen Wilson, co-presenter and co-author with Gregory of the workbook, “Blessed, Known,Good and Loved” at the church, Sunday, June 29th, 2-4 p.m. Free, pre-registration not required. For information, call Gregory Wilson 802-333-9502 or email gvwilson@bellsouth.net

July 10

Staged reading and dinner

on the Great Exile of 1660

This event in our history is not known to many, Come learn about the courage and devotion of the Unitarians as they were exiled from Poland in 1660. Barrett Hall, across from the church in Strafford, 6:00 PM.

Save the dates!

Our Children Climate

Faith Symposium

coming up

August 23 & 24th

Watch www.faithclimateconference.org for details. .